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Mk International Group Inc. supplies a wide range of Malaysia's durians to customers in the northeast & west coast of the United States, and are recognized as one of the leading wholesaler / distributors / retailer of high quality Malaysia durian in the New York City. MK International Group Inc.'s success comes from our years of experience working with many of the best known growers in the plantations. Our imported durians are stringently selected for good quality, color, ripeness, size and fragrance before being packed.
With a wide range of consumers, including distributors, retailers and restaurants, our goal is to satisfy customers demand for high quality and continuous supply of durians throughout the year. Offer at the best prices, our wide assortments of durians is known for their freshness, unique taste, and distinct fragrance. We do not compromise on the quality of the durian fruit, as we know that it matters the most to durian lovers.
The delicious taste and wonderful aroma of our durians is unforgettable. While promoting Malaysia durians, we are recognized as a reliable and established durian importer. All wholesalers and resellers are welcome. We have planned to go online ordering and mail-order for customers who wish to purchase from the convenience of their home.
We take pride on ourselves on complete transparency with our suppliers and customers, strong communication, and a commitment to the produce industry.


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